Kohler Genuine Spare Parts

Kohler Genuine Spare Parts are engineered to fit Kohler Engines. A better fit means better fuel efficiency, better oil control and less wear and tear on other engine parts.

United-Creation offers a wide range of Kohler spare parts, service kits and oil for all Kohler Engines.

To assist in your spare parts selection, please refer to the Lombardini Diesel site or the Kohler Global Parts Lookup site.

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Filters & Oil

Kohler Genuine filters and oil are designed to provide you with the best performance and reliability for your Kohler engine. United-Creation stock a range of genuine Kohler filter and oil products including:

  • Genuine Kohler Air Filters
  • Genuine Kohler Fuel Filters
  • Genuine Kohler Oil Filter
  • Genuine Kohler Pre-Cleaners
  • Genuine Kohler Oil


Kohler’s genuine electronic spare parts are designed to comply with original equipment specifications and ensure the safety of your Kohler engine and equipment. Some of the genuine electronic spares that United-Creation carry include:

  • Genuine Kohler Starters
  • Genuine Kohler Condensor Ignition Points
  • Genuine Kohler Spark Plugs


Kohler’s easy to assemble carburetor kit comes complete with everything you need to rebuild your Kohler engine’s carburetor.

  • Genuine Kohler Carburetor Kit

Kohler Bulk Packs

Kohler bulk packs are ideal for shop use, commercial accounts and over-the-counter business. Each pack carries ten individually Kohler-branded packaged parts and labelled with part number. Bulk packs prevent contamination and damage while helping cut your storage space and labour requirements.

Spare Parts

We Sell Only Genuine Kohler Parts